VENTUS R-s3 (Z222)

Extreme ultra-high performance tire.

Ventus R-s3 offers excellent lap times exceeding the competition, with high-grip steering felt throughout the entire body. The best machine-controlled performance. Your presence on the circuit will shine as never before.

Tire Structure

Reinforcement For Sholder Nylon Cover
You can experience excellent handling and cornering performance by minimizing deformation of shoulder tread by setting up reinforced nylon cover around the corner which endures the highest load in cornering. Moreover, we reduce the problem that the load on the shoulder is weighted due to the air pressure is relatively low in case of products which pursue Fast LapTime.In case of high camber setting vehicle, it reduces partial side wear and unusual wear of inside tread.

Racing Compound
New CarbonBlack & Silica Type Racing Compound.

Wide 2 Steel Belt
Tread Handling.

2ply Carcass Structure
Casing Heat Build Up.


Balanced Carcass Line Design
Minimized Deformation on Side & Stiffened Side.

High Strength Bead Wire
Improved Durability & Uniformity on Bead.

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