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Toyota AQUA in Bangladesh

If there is one car the city commuters at Dhaka, prefers to go to office and be back home in relative comfort, albeit at a reasonable price point, Toyota Aqua is one of the best option. It is a fully hybrid gasoline hatchback city car with optimum comfort amenities. It is reported to be able to run for about 30 km per liter of petrol fuel but CNG or LPG is not an option for this car as it is already a hybrid model.

The car is powered by the automaker’s highly efficient hybrid system of 1.5 liter 73 HP four-cylinder inline engine, with synergy drive that is supported by a motor system with 0.9 kwh battery pack of 99 hp. The EV mode, as mentioned, can be used to travel a relatively shorter distance, by the way. It has CVT of continuous variable transmission which is very suitable for city mobility.


Toyota Aqua – The Most Fuel-efficient Compact Car

Toyota Aqua Interior

The interior of the car is relatively spacious and surprisingly comfortable in such a subcompact car. It can accommodate 4 people without any trouble, although the car does not have a large boot space, therefore, it may not be suitable for picnics and such trips. But for office going and shopping trips, this is quite an ideal car. If you exclude the hassle of a large CNG cylinder behind the car which adds extra unnecessary weight to the car, you have perfect peace of mind of your daily routine trips inside the city. But the seats can fold down, if two people would like to take a picnic trip of sorts.
Toyota AQUA Interior

Toyota Aqua Features

The car comes with a keyless entry, all power mechanisms, like locks windows and mirrors, etc. Standard airbags, stability control, ABS, and vehicle control mechanism also come as standard.

It also has EV mode, Eco mode, and the car also has L, S, and G, like three different modes to choose from. The latest models also have black leather seats and trims for higher luxury too. The car was a top-selling new car in Japan for quite some time. As a matter of fact, it is the second highest top-selling car in Japan during the product times. The Toyota Aqua comes with 175/65R15 rims and tire size and that looks quite enough for the size of the car. It comes with a start-stop button, and the key fob is enough to start and do your journey. The locks are central too.

Other Extras of Toyota Aqua

The Toyota Aqua comes with 175/65R15 rims and tire size and that looks quite enough for the size of the car. It comes with a start-stop button, and the key fob is enough to start and do your journey. The locks are central too.

The dashboard is simple, but the panel looks futuristic for the time being. The displays are electronic and the sideways glance is all you need to check the panel for vital signs.

Toyota Aqua Exterior

For the looks, it is quite sporty, although that’s a little too much for a subcompact city car, but you will not totally brush off the thought if it’s sporty muscular front.

The doors are usual and easy to reach from inside and outside and the automatic windows and mirrors are standard in all cars these days, including this Toyota Aqua.

Toyota AQUA Exterior

Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption

The car Toyota Aqua, equipped with the 1NZ-1LM 1.5 – liter engine coupled with an electric motor which can produce about 72 KW of power to drive the car forward. At 10 plus seconds, the car can seamlessly accelerate to 100 KMPH without any hiccup. It also has a CVT, or continuous variable transmission under the hood.

Toyota Allion Fuel Consumption

Toyota Aqua Acceleration, Stability and Handling

The car has a surprising sharp acceleration, thanks to its electric motor. It beats easily the rivals for the initial 0-100 kilometer dash. For city moves, the handling is quite firm and stable, however at high speed, the car is relatively lighter and may not perform at the par with heavier cars in the similar category.

Toyota Aqua Spare Parts Availability

The good news about Toyota cars in Bangladesh is the availability of parts. It is generally known that Toyota car parts are available even in the corner convenience stores. Therefore, the maintenance cost of Toyota cars in Bangladesh is considerably lower than any other brand.

Where to buy Toyota Aqua

The prices are really the most important point to look forward to, from used or on the street prices from 11 lacs, the showrooms models can be found around 16 lacs and above, depending on quality, model and auction grades. HNS automobiles, in this connection, has a lot to choose from, at Dhaka and Chittagong, both show rooms, they have multiple Toyota Aqua cars for you to choose from.

Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua price in Bangladesh alongside Toyota Aqua Hybrid price in Bangladesh depends on several criteria and situations. There are several price range depending on the different grade of the Toyota Aqua and the features introduced along with the model.

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