HNS International has been established as a trading house in the year 1992. Initially, HNS started supplying and trading different types of motor engines, coal, chemicals etc. Besides supplying, in the year 1996 we have started new business as Clearing & Forwarding (C&F) Agent licensed by the Government of Bangladesh. HNS International is now doing logistic, freight forwarder and C&F business.
Automobiles and development are the two sides of same coin. The way our country is developing, road communication and infrastructure are yet to developed in the same pace. But the demand and necessity of automobiles sector has been increasing tremendously. Right now the growth of the automobile market has gone up 30% annually, while HNS holds around 17% of the total market share by importing cars from Japan. Though all major car brands are available in our country, Toyota is still dominating the market with around 90% of the market share. Our trusted partner is ACT Company Ltd. who is one of the oldest and leading exporters of used Japanese vehicles based in Tokyo since 1978, having a motto “COMPETITIVE PRICES AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. ACT Company Ltd. is members of all the auctions (USS, JAA, TAA, HAA, CAA, JU, NAA, Arai, Auc-Net, I-Auc etc.), and each vehicle is personally inspected before purchasing and then transported to their Holding Yard which can accommodate 400 cars. All vehicles are groomed, polished and steam cleaned, all running parts and electronics are thoroughly checked by their workshop before shipment. In short, ACT Company Ltd. has almost thirty years of experience ensures the fulfillment of all our customers’ needs.
The company has two outlets, one at port City Chittagong and another one in Dhaka. All of them are located in the most important commercial center and managed by a team of smart, efficient and qualified work force. The brand and range of Vehicles we deal in are mostly Toyota which is the choice of majority users and most popular in this Country. We also deal in other reputed Brands like Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and others. HNS imports cars, wagon, SUV, Pick-ups, trucks, and construction & earth moving vehicles as well as special vehicles. The annual import volume in terms of quantity is over 1,700 vehicles of different models and is rapidly increasing every year.

Profound Commitment

Understanding your options is an. Let agents help guide. From that point of the connection.


Understanding your options is an. Let agents help guide. From that point of the connection.


Understanding your options is an. Let agents help guide. From that point of the connection.

Chattagram Office

  • 119, SK Mujib Road, Agrabad
  • +88(031) 2523483, 2520687, 713230
Dhaka Contact

Shah Alam

Cell: 01777-781790
Email: [email protected]

Kazi Sharfaraj Mowla

Deputy Manager
Email: [email protected]

Abu Bakar Siddique

Deputy Manager
Cell: 01777-781792
Email: [email protected]

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