• Advanced engine protection against wear and high temperature
  • Excellent engine cleanliness through sludge and deposit control
  • Optimized formulation to enhance performance of the engine


ZIC X5 Diesel is a synthetic blend motor oil formulated with VHVI technology offering superior driving performance over motor oils formulated using mineral oil alone. ZIC X5 Diesel is especially designed for Pick-up trucks, Vans, SUVs, MPVs and 4WD off-road vehicles. ZIC X5 Diesel delivers enhanced engine protection and improved soot prevention along with enhanced start-up performance.


Recommended for light duty diesel and gasoline engines

Typical Properties

SAE Grade 10W-30 15W-40
Density, g/cm3 0.8642 0.8653
Kinematic Viscosity at 40˚C, cSt 73.60 104.8
Kinematic Viscosity at 100˚C, cSt 10.97 14.85
Viscosity Index 138 148
Total Base Number (TBN), mgKOH/g 10.10 9.75
Flash Point, °C 230 225
Pour Point, °C -36 -33
CCS, cP 6,200 (-25˚C) 4,100 (-20˚C)
MRV, cP 21,000 (-30˚C) 20,000 (-25˚C)

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