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Toyota ALLION in Bangladesh

The Toyota Allion is a hugely popular car in the sedan category vehicle in Bangladesh. A little low end version of it’s archrival in terms of commanding respect in its class, which is a Premio from the same brand Toyota, the Allion is a hot favorite, particular for the Dhaka office goers.
It is 1496 CC engine with 110 BHP at 6000 RPM, an engine powerful enough for city commuting. It debuted in 2001 in replace of Toyota Carina and gained wide acclaimed in Bangladesh in the early 90’s and till now it is still a very robust city car at the top of the list for any new or even second time car buyer in Bangladesh.

The Toyota Allion is a compact, dynamic and sporty sedan backed up by Toyota’s world-renowned reliability.

Toyota ALLION Interior

The car interior is as spacious as it’s elegantly designed. The cup holders, a cellphone pocket, the visors, foot rest and arm rest are all carefully immaculately appointed and everything at a measured distance.
Toyota Allion Interior
Toyota Allion Interior

Toyota ALLION Exterior

The exterior of the car commands respectful admiration for a car in its class. Elegant, aerodynamic shape with stylish front grills catch the eyes from both a male and female driver’s choice standpoints, clever technique, to say the least. The tires and the rims are quite adequate for the Dhaka roads, which are increasingly getting better over time, and the ride is smooth and joyful, almost you will feel like inside a luxury car of Mercedes or BMW sedan like feelings, albeit inside a Toyota Allion.
Toyota Allion Exterior
Toyota Allion Exterior

Toyota ALLION Fuel Consumption

The fuel efficiency is very good for economy mode driving. Even the Toyota Allions which are converted into CNG or LPG, in which HNS Automobiles also have a very reputed and efficient workshop to have these done, the drive response from converted fuel cars which are in Allion models are quite seamless and satisfying, no noise, jerks and stalling suddenly, no wonder Toyota Allions are so coveted a car for a city commuter in Bangladesh these days. without any hiccup. It also has a CVT, or continuous variable transmission under the hood.

Toyota Allion Fuel Consumption

Toyota ALLION Grades

There are three notable grades of Toyota Allion, like A15, A18 and A18G grades with higher embellishments in progressive scale like in upholstery and other utility gadgets inside the car.
Toyota Allion Specifications

Toyota ALLION Spare Parts Availability

The spare parts availability of a Toyota car in Bangladesh unquestionably is an overriding factor in which Toyota cars enjoy a near-perfect monopoly. This is perhaps the only reason why Toyota cars are so widespread and famous in Bangladesh as opposed to a car, say like a Mazda or a Daihatsu, all made in Japan. Therefore, one needs not worry at all, while buying a car from the Toyota brand and drive it for more than 10 years without any worries of spare parts availability in Bangladesh.

Where to buy Toyota Allion

Of course, for any discerning clients, Toyota Allion has a tremendous appeal and for that almost blind trust in the quality and reliability of a Toyota Allion car, a buyer is ready to dish out a handsome premium price, provided the auto dealer is reputed for years and years of reputation in the field. In this, HNS Automobiles hold a particular reputation when it comes for quality, appropriate d specifications, after sales services and follow up schedule. HNS automobiles, in this connection, has a lot to choose from, at Dhaka and Chittagong, both show rooms, they have multiple Toyota Allion cars for you to choose from.

Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion price in Bangladesh in Bangladesh depends on several criteria and situations. The prices are also therefore widely variable depending on the grades. The basic sub-1500 CC cars start at around 18 lacs taka as in reconditioning markets, and as high as 30 lacs for the G grade Allions.

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